Endurance Note Cards

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Endurance Note Cards
by Rosemarie Adcock


The 24" x 48" original oil painting by Rosemarie Adcock has been exhibited at the Museum for Florida Women Artists, in DeLand Florida. 

This painting is an allegory of the virtue of endurance. The woman is in the boat with no oars, moving forward with closed eyes, not knowing where she is going, as she moves through the water propelled by a current, not by her own strength. The wilted and drying rose hints at the length of the journey, yet the facial expression is one of peace, implied by the Greek word in the golden letters, which is written as the name on the boat. The Greek word for Endurance is not the way we often think of enduring, in other words, tolerating or putting up with something. Rather, the Greek word for endurance implies a hopeful and expectant waiting for something, which is the very thing that carries us through a difficult unknown, expecting a good outcome at the end of the long journey. This expectancy is the very thing that gives us a sense of peaceful and resting endurance.