Chris Reading

   Christine Reading, England

Christine Reading lives in Farnsborough, Hants, England and is the founder and director of Open Door Missions, an organization that for years has assisted third-world nations with direct sponsorship and acquisition of farm animals.

Her work uses vibrant color reminiscent of her love for the African culture. Chris says of her work:

"As a child I was always painting, drawing and writing. My world of creativity opened up at the age of thirteen when I studied fine art at college. I just loved God's creation, and it was whilst at Art School that I gave my life to Jesus. Much to the amazement of my Bohemian friends. God was always close to me when I absorbed myself in painting.

Over the years I 'dabbled' a bit. But had little time to paint much. But during the last few years I have gathered momentum in my creativity and abandoned some of the traditional styles of art. I love pattern and colour, symbolism, mystery and movement. So I try to communicate these things in my work. I see things in images that hide themselves, and appear again. These communicate the attributes of God to me.

It is exciting to start a picture with a seed thought and watch it develop as I progress. The suffering and pain in life, mingled with the wonder of being alive motivates much of each picture. Just for a while I can immerse myself in a visionary world that is real to me. It is healing, relaxing and therapeutic.

So my visionary life as an artist is complemented by my spiritual and practical help in Africa. Creativity is very practical!"