The Road to Redemption by Rosemarie Adcock, begins in Genesis and weaves through the life of Jesus and the time of the Apostles. This series contains the images that will be found in our puzzles, and other fine gifts for adults and children.

The Old Testament
1. Adam Naming the Animals and the Appearance of Eve
2. The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden
3. The Restoration of Isaac (Abraham and Isaac)
4. Joseph and His Brothers
5. Crossing the Red Sea
6. Crossing the Jordan
7. Ruth and the Barley Harvest
The Prophets
8. The Arrival of Jonah at Nineveh
9. A Reading from the Book of Isaiah                                 
The Life of Jesus
10. The Nativity
11. The Epiphany
12. The Triumphal Entry
13. The Last Supper 
Jesus and the Lives of the Apostles
14. The Crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Tearing of the Temple Veil
15. The Road to Emmaus
16. The Miraculous Draught of Fishes
17. The Pentecost 
18. The Conversion of St. Paul on the Road to Damascus 
The Psalms                                                
19. Endurance
20. Psalm 23 In the Presence of my Enemies