Crossing the Red Sea Note Cards

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Crossing the Red Sea Note Cards

by Rosemarie Adcock

Crossing the Red Sea by Rosemarie Adcock depicts the Exodus led by Moses, and the miraculous parting of the waters of the Red Sea. The people crossed over on dry land as the waters parted like a wall on either side of them, to the right and to the left. However, when the Egyptians who were in pursuit tried to do the same thing, the waters came back upon them and they all drowned. The 4 people are passing the standing waters on dry ground with various types of fish swimming in the wall of water behind them. The chains of their slavery lie on the ground to the left. The figure furthest to the left looks back in fear at the Egyptians. The next figure delights at the fish staring at him and pokes his finger into the standing wall of water. The third figure, representing Doubt, hasn’t quite grasped the idea that the waters of the Red Sea have parted in order for her to cross and she's not drowning. The figure furthest to the right represents people of faith and courage as she dances with the fruit of the Promised Land in her arms, the promise awaiting after the Red Sea is crossed by the entire nation. This painting received an award while on exhibit at the Museum of Art, Florida.