The Wedding Vow

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The Wedding Vow

30" x 36" oil

by Rosemarie Adcock

The Wedding Vow is an allegory which depicts a bride and groom becoming engaged as a symbol of Christ’s relationship with His Church, referred to as His Bride in the Scriptures.

In ancient Jewish tradition, the groom initiated the marriage covenant, offering a cup of wine to the woman to whom he was to be betrothed, saying, "I give you my cup," a euphemism for "I give you my life." The groom is seen here as the one who is speaking. If the woman accepted the cup and drank from it, she was bound in her promise to marry the groom.

Jesus would hold up this cup and declare, “This is My body” at the Last Supper, a way that He declared He was going to give up his life for His Church, all of those who follow Him in faith.

The wine is seen spilling from the cup, a symbol of the Groom's sacrifice, and a wound is seen in the foot of the groom, a symbol of Christ’s manner of death.